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How to Choose The Right Kitchen Faucet



The spray feature you choose for your faucet will help you get your tasks done efficiently. When it comes to spray features, you will typically be given two controls. One control will provide you with a steady flow, and the other will give you a get flow. This allows you to choose the best flow for the job you are trying to complete.
A spray feature can either be installed on the side of the faucet, or you may find a faucet with a built-in spray feature.


The handles of your faucet are used to control the water level and the water temperature based on your needs. Handles are also a great way to provide your kitchen with an updated style.
Two-handled faucets provide a classic look, whereas hand-free faucets provide you with a modern style and convenience for the times your hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch the faucet.


When choosing a faucet, you will want to measure the space between the sink and the cabinets to make sure the height of the faucet won’t be in the way of anything that is already installed in your kitchen.


When working with Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center for kitchen remodeling in Pittsburgh, keep in mind that the faucet can express the style of your kitchen. It is an element of the kitchen that can be used to accent the entire kitchen area.
Work with our experienced kitchen designers who can help you combine the look of your appliances with the design of your kitchen faucet for a seamless look. There are a variety of appliances and faucets that are made using polished nickel, stainless steel, and more to help match your desired style.


When choosing a faucet, you will need to know how many holes are used to fit the faucet into the countertop. Keep in mind that not every faucet can fit into your sink.


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